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"We Build Champions for Life"

​8 to 12 Year Olds

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RANK SPECIFIC--Our 8-12 year old programs are designed to be rank specific. Your child will be in a class with other children their age and within similar belt ranks. Our curriculum is designed to bring out the most in our students by giving them the opportunity to learn side by side with children of like abilities.

CONFIDENCE / MANNERS-- Encouragement and manners are woven into and reinforced at each class by the instructors. They give 100% to each student and model the behavior that they would like returned by the student. Manners are not only expected in class but in the lives of all HK students as well.

FLEXIBILITY--All programs allow for training 2 times per week, with four days to choose from. Change up the days you come each week, or keep them the same - it's up to you and your schedule! And, if you miss a class, you can make it up the following week!

SAFETY--Your child will learn effective self-defense techniques that can help him or her deal with a bully in the schoolyard, or even save their life someday. There's no better gift to give your child than the sense of confidence that comes with knowing they have the tools to keep themselves safe. HK students are safe students, all year round.

QUALITY-- All Lead Instructors have earned their black belts through years of extensive training, Class sizes are kept at a level that allows for individual attention while promoting teamwork among the students. Each class incorporates confidence, focus, manners,stretching, strength training, teamwork, and cardio. This is all accomplished within a fun and exciting atmosphere!

CURRICULUM--All HK classes follow an approved curriculum that ensures a well-rounded learning experience. Students are evaluated on an on-going basis to ensure that they are fully prepared to test for the next rank.

SECURITY--All Instructors have current criminal record checks and child abuse history clearances.

CARING--From the office staff to the instructors at HK Blakely, we care about our students, want to help them succeed in all that they do, and strive to give them an exceptional karate experience

SPORTS PARTNERSHIPS--Student athletes sometimes participate in many different sports. Through our Sports Credit Program, for every three practices or games that an HK student attends in another sport, they get credit for one karate class. This helps to keep them on track with their karate classes during busy seasons.

FAMILY--We at HKBlakely consider ourselves a family, and we would love to welcome you into ours!  begin the dream today.....call or e-mail us today to start your child on his or her BLACK BELT JOURNEY.